Hope MontanaMusic has always played a major role in my life from the time I was born. Melodies and rhythms seem to weave themselves throughout all my childhood memories, and I could often be heard singing a song or hymn or plinking out a melody on the piano. I often sang for church, and I also played the violin. When I was 12 years old, I picked up an old guitar that we had sitting in the house, and began to teach myself chords and picking patterns. I remember my excitement as I gradually learned to play this instrument that I could accompany myself with anytime, anywhere! This lent more freedom to express my love for music.

About this same time, God blessed me with a privilege that I count as one God’s most life-changing gifts to me. I began voice lessons with Dr. John Boyd of Southwestern Adventist University. I had natural singing ability, but that ability needed guidance and instruction to shape and develop it properly. Dr. Boyd’s patient and encouraging training, along with God’s blessing and hard work, has everything to do with what my voice is today, and I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to learn to sing His praises freely and unhindered.

Music continues to be my passion, and I now not only sing alone, but I am often joined by my siblings. We have recorded three albums together and share our testimony and music wherever God calls us to go. To find out more about our ministry, visit

For me, music is not so much about the notes and harmony. It’s about an avenue through which humankind can communicate their gratitude, love, and adoration to a Creator whose love and care for His children will remain matchless throughout eternity. As many lives have, my life has been marked with pain. Yet I have found that it is in the deepest suffering that we discover hope. And hope often comes riding the melodies of songs… Songs that lift, heal, inspire, and renew. This is why I sing. It is my prayer that as I sing, all hearts will be tuned to sing His grace along with me.